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Individually tailored life strategies for the heart, mind, and spirit





Individual, couples and family therapy. Adults, adolescents and children. Telemedicine and in-office sessions.

In addition, I am now 
offering SSTor Single Session Therapy.  Research has shown that many people can benefit from one session of therapy.   SST uses evidence-based therapy components and psychological principles which can help patients manage everyday stressors and mental conditions like anxiety and depression.    Patients leave with a sense of direction and a plan.  

Anxiety, depression and mood disorders, trauma, anger management, grief therapy, obsessive compulsive disorder, cognitive behavior therapy, health psychology, mindfulness, stress management and meditation.

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We continue to be in very different times due to Coronavirus.  Many of us have had the virus, and all of us have adapted our lifestyles.  Masks are commonplace, and hand sanitizer is to be found everywhere.     Emotionally it has been a rollercoaster.  Fear that was once ubiquitous now comes in waves.  We have been required to make important decisions regarding vaccination for our families and ourselves.  We are now well acquainted with the term "new variant."  And unfortunately,  for some of us the disease continues and becomes long Covid.  
My schedule has become a hybrid.    I am in person in the office, and I also offer virtual appointments.  I continue to use the platform, and FaceTime is an option for those who have Apple phones or computers.
Perhaps it is time for a check-in with ourselves.  How have we responded to the challenges we have faced with the virus?  What have we handled well?  Have we become (by necessity) better at technology?    Have we become better able to acknowledge what we cannot control, and gained a better ability to tolerate distress?  
What people have supported us through this period of time?   Who have we supported?   Have we found new sources of comfort?   
Thich Nhat Hahn reminds us, "No mud, no lotus."   We have had a lot of mud.  Now we find the lotus.



Achieve your potential and find your bliss

about susan eppley
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about susan eppley

I have been a psychologist for over thirty years and continue to learn and evolve in my thinking about the nature of people and relationships. I earned both my undergraduate degree and master’s degree at Miami University, and my doctorate at the University of Cincinnati. I work about 30 hours a week in private practice. I have trained as a child and adolescent psychologist, as a couples and family therapist, as a trauma specialist, and as a therapist with adults and the aging. In addition, several years ago after the death of my husband I became a paramedic and volunteered in this capacity until retiring in 2015. I enjoy yoga and meditation, and in 2017 I completed my 200-hour certification as a yoga instructor. I am currently studying for my additional 300-hour certification. I am also certified in YFFR, which is Yoga For First Responders. One of the best things about yoga is that it teaches us how to tolerate distress. I am involved locally with Project Yoga in helping to design curriculum for both students and adults.  Project Yoga is a non profit that brings yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises to people in the greater Cincinnati region who have never been exposed to these practices, giving them the chance to experience the emotional and physical well being that can result.


In terms of psychology, I first learned psychoanalytic style, then behavioral, and more recently cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma treatment. I am convinced of the intimate connection between the mind and the body — and of the richness an evolved spirit adds to these. My SRE logo is not only my initials, but it symbolizes and embodies the heart, mind, and spirit. 

My goal as a psychologist is to help people become more authentic, confident and courageous while expanding gratitude for the bountiful blessing in their lives. I enjoy experiencing the journey of patients as they grow, evolve, achieve their potential and find their bliss.


Let's problem solve together.

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9403 Kenwood Road

Suite D-110

Blue Ash, Ohio 45242

A warm and professional office space is conveniently located in Blue Ash, adjacent to Ronald Regan Highway.

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